Road to Publishing

Final Draft Submitted

Last Monday I submitted my final draft to my editor; it was almost too surreal to comprehend. This journey so far has been absolutely incredible. Last week, when I took a step back and looked at what I’d created, it was tear-inducing. These pieces aren’t some frivolous musings on starlit nights, many of them are taken quite literally from my own trauma journal. These pieces are inspired by the place in my healing where I was finally free enough to let go. To have the opportunity to look back at some of the worst moments of my life and see them transformed by my own hand into a collection of beauty is otherworldly. Even if no one ever reads this book, even if it is only a dust-covered token destined to sit on my own bookshelf, it will be absolutely worth every second of this effort. If to only show me what I could do, I could reclaim my story.

Imperfectly yours,

Siobhan Darling

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